Summer is Coming!

Summer is just around the corner. The weather is getting warmer, school is starting to wind down, and many of you are planning some adventures to have this summer. Summer is a time to relax and enjoy the break! It’s also the time that you can start being strategic with your career. Because you may have a bit more free time, summer is the perfect time to start exploring some of your options and make some great connections!

Here is a list of options to think about doing this summer:

  1. Volunteer and get involved with your community.
  2. Job shadow someone who is in a job that you are interested in.
  3. Find a part time job that is in the field or industry that you are considering
  4. Make a goal to meet 10 new connections throughout the summer that could answer questions and help you in your career decision making process.
  5. Ask someone to be your mentor.
  6. Look for an internship that you might be interested in.
  7. Conduct online research to help you narrow down the careers you want to pursue.
  8. Search for professional organizations in your area to get involved with and learn more about.
  9. Take the SIGI3 assessment through CareerLink.
  10. Meet with a Career Counselor to ask questions and get some guidance in this process.

To make an appointment with Career Services – call the front office at (303) 458-3508 or go online to

Enjoy your summer break!!

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How to Find a Mentor

Career Development does not stop once you find a job.  The process of developing through a career is a journey, one that takes dedication and determination. Finding a mentor can help you along the way.  A mentor by definition is an “experienced and trusted adviser”, but also a useful resource and person to learned from.   Determining the right person to fulfill that role can be difficult, but here are several steps that can help to find the best fit for a mentor (

  1. Determine what you would like to learned and/or need in a mentor.
  2. Investigate and ask the Human Resource Department at your company or organization to identify if they have an in house mentoring program.
  3. Don’t forget to look outside the place you work.
  4. LinkedIn can be a useful resource.  Check for alumni or people in a field you are interested in.
  5. A mentor does not have to be older than you; professionals at all age levels have experience. Depends on what you would like to learn from the mentor.
  6. Create an elevator speech that will spark interest and create a connection with the mentor you have selected.
  7. Sometimes it’s okay to search for a mentor with a specific request in mind.
  8. Dedicate time to the relationship.
  9. Listen.

If you have questions about this topic or others relating to career development, the job search or determining a major, feel free to make an appointment with a career counselor through the Regis Career Services office.  The easiest ways to make an appointment is to visit our webpage at and clicking the book now button or calling us at 303-458-3508.  

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7 Tips for Working with Millenials

Millennials are streaming into the workforce. Once recent article stated that by 2020 almost half of the workforce will be comprised of millennials ( Here are some tips taken from to help other generations work with millennials.


  1. Find energy. Somewhere. Start an exercise program to build up the stamina needed to keep up with people who work and think fast. From energy comes enthusiasm.
  2. Be flexible and open to new ideas. The way it has always been done is not necessarily the best way.
  3. Embrace technology. Learn to text. Stop complaining about it and get an iPod and a phone plan that allows texting. Put the Yellow Pages away and learn to use Google to find answers and resources.
  4. Collaborate more. Millennial’s love to collaborate so the odds are getting slimmer that you can take your work back to your cubicle and emerge with the final product. Expect meetings and shared assignments or presentations. Make sure everyone understands the boundaries and deadlines but get in there and pitch in with the rest of the team. It can be energizing.
  5. Motivate. Create a positive work environment that encourages colleagues to be comfortable asking questions and striving to do more. Set challenging goals then figure out ways to get results. Be positive.
  6. Give feedback. Take a few minutes every day, in every meeting to find something to praise. Give feedback in the teachable moment so your colleagues can learn and grow.
  7. Smile. Don’t be a grumpy Gus. Be the person other folks want to work with.


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The Road to Promotion goes through your Organization’s Culture


When someone is thinking about promotion they usually just think about what they can do, personally, to get ahead in their company. This is probably a good place to start, since any potential promotions will most likely be measured on one’s past work performance. One important factor that is often overlooked in regards to promotion is organizational culture. The culture of an organization can play a very important role in an employee’s chances of being promoted. Consider these questions:

  • Does your organization have a culture of promoting from within or bringing in outside candidates when a position becomes available?
  • How interested is your supervisor in your own personal professional development? Do you set professional goals?
  • Does your current employer have any employee development programs or funds available to advance your skills/take additional coursework?
  • Can you see yourself thriving in the culture of your current employer for the long term?

It’s possible that after examining the culture of your current employer, you may see very little chance of promotion or that you may not want to be promoted at all because of a toxic work environment. On the other hand, if you discover your organization has a professionally nurturing atmosphere, take advantage of it. Use your professional development opportunities to advance your skills and prepare for the future!

If you’d like to learn more about this topic, schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor at Career Services and we’d be happy to continue this discussion!

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Women in Leadership!

Explore the journeys of four female CEOs, Presidents, and leaders, from challenges to triumphs. 

Tuesday, March 25th: 5:00 PM – Main Hall 333, Lowell Campus. 

For more information, contact Career Services at 303-458-3508 or

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Applying for Federal Jobs

Each industry is different and comes with its own set of rules and challenges, but Federal Jobs are so unique it is beneficial for you to be as educated as possible.   Most people are aware of certain differences between a non-government job and a government job, but some of the top variances are the length and content of the resume and the KSAs that are required when applying.


When applying to a federal job you want to make sure you have created a resume according the standards set out on  This website has a resource that will help you build a resume suitable for applying, in addition to a job board and other career related resources. Another aspect of applying to a job with the government is completing either an essay or questionnaire regarding the applicant’s Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA).


The process can be difficult and sometimes confusing, but we have several resources to utilize when navigate this kind of job search.  On our Regis University Career Services webpage we have a workshop about applying to federal jobs, which includes resume examples and sample KSA essays.  You are also welcome to check out our Career Services Library to find books and articles related to this subject If you have any question and/or would like to make an appointment with our office, call us at 303-458-3508 or by visiting our website and clicking Schedule Now.


Here are some useful internet resources:


Military Cross-Walk DOT-  ONET provides relevant feedback on the transition from a military career to a civilian through career the use of transferable skills and the matching of military and civilian careers.

SIGI 3-  A resources available through Careerlink providing an online career assessment  focusing on Interests, Abilities, Values, and Personality and how they connection with  relevant careers.   In addition, this resource offers a matching of related skills with military tasks and careers.

Career Onestop- This resource delivers a Military to Civilian Occupation Translator, giving students the opportunity to translate using  the MOC code, Keyword Search or Menu Search, which starts with the branch of service.  Similar to the resources above, presents a Translator for military skills, experience, and training.  The search can be conducted using your military job Title, branch of services, and/or pay grade.

Colorado Division of Veterans AffairsThe Colorado agency mandated by state law to assist veterans.

Veterans Job BankOffers a job bank linking veterans with companies that want to hire them.  The search can be conducted through the use of keywords or the MOS/MOC code.

Veterans.JobsProvides a resource using the MOC to assist military personnel in the transition from active duty to the civilian workforce,

VetJobsVetJobs offers a job board that includes 14 million military veterans in the workforce and  250,000 active duty military who transition each year.


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Don’t forget about this great event next Tuesday!

The Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance (AFWA) is coming to Regis and it’s a great opportunity to network with great professionals and learn more about this organization.

The event is in Main Hall 333 on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 from 5-7 PM

Pizza will be served to those who RSVP!

So RSVP through CareerLink by TODAY!


Please call the Career Services office 303-458-3508 if you have questions. 

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