The Power of Self-Assessment Tools

self assessment graphic

Deciding on a major and career plan can be challenging. In addition to meeting with a career counselor, many tools and resources are available to assist in the process including self-assessments.

Identifying and understanding your interests, skills, values and personality will allow you to make connections to possible career fields and discover your passion. Today, there are many self-assessment tools that can be very helpful as you explore various careers including the following:

  • Sigi 3 (System of Integrated Guidance and Information): A career exploration tool for students and alumni to explore skills, interests, values & the connection to career paths.
  •  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality inventory used to identify personality type, preferences and strengths. After completing a questionnaire, individuals are given one of 16 personality types. MBTI provides an opportunity to learn more about yourself and further understand your strengths, weaknesses and compatibility with others. 
  • Strong Interest Inventory: An instrument used to measure your interest in a variety of jobs, activities, hobbies and types of people. Individuals receive a report identifying the top career choices based on your interests. 

For more information on how to complete self-assessments, contact Regis University Career Center at , 303-458-3508 or stop by the Life Direction Center, Room 125.

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Congratulations December 2014 Regis Graduates!

Graduate Survival Guide

Congratulations graduates, and be watching your email for your New Graduate Survival Guide.  Remember, this is a great time to visit the Career Services Center (Coors Life Directions Center, Room 125).  We are here to help you as you embark on the next exciting chapter of your life!  Call 303-458-3508 or email to schedule an appointment!

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Job-Hunting During the Holidays


Job searching during the holiday season can be challenging.  Here are a few tips to keep your job search momentum running strong as the holidays grow near:

1.  Use this “down” time to visit your university’s Career Services Center.  Have your resume reviewed and polished for the new year.  While you’re there, conduct a mock-interview with a Career Counselor to freshen your interviewing techniques and skills.

2.  Network, network, network!  This is a great time of year for parties, social gatherings and volunteer opportunities.  Every event is an opportunity to meet new people and connect with those you haven’t seen for awhile.  Let everyone know about your job search.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how willing and happy people are to help others with their career search.

3.  Update your social media profiles.  If you’re not on LinkedIn  – create your account today! Make sure all of your social media accounts appear professional and current. Employers can and will Google your name to learn about you.  Make sure everything that appears on-line represents your professional image.

4.  Keep applying!  If there’s an opening posted during the holidays, be sure to get your resume submitted quickly – don’t wait until after the New Year.  Lots of people put a hold on applying for positions during the holidays – don’t be one of them.  By continuing to submit your resume to employers during the holidays, you’ll have a leg-up on all those who choose to wait.

Contact Regis University Career Services at or at 303-458-3508 for more information, or to schedule an appointment.

Information excerpted from CAM Report (Career Advancement Management College & Career Press, LLC) , Volume 37 – Number 17, 2014

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Expand Your Network


Finding ways to expand your network and meet new people can be very difficult and a bit overwhelming at times. There are lots of ways to get yourself out there and make some new connections. This article highlights 7 ways to meet new people. Here is a short overview:

  1. Toastmasters: it’s a great way to practice your presentation skills while also building some contacts in the community.
  2. Rec leagues: a fun way to connect with other people while also getting some exercise.
  3. Out for drinks: lots of opportunities to meet new people while you’re out on the town.
  4. At the gym: organized fitness classes can be a great way to get to know people.
  5. Volunteer: a great way to add something to your resume and add some new connections to your network.
  6. Classes: many communities offer classes on a variety of topics where you can connect with people that share interests with you.
  7. Exploring your city: find some events happening in your town or community and join in on the fun! You might even meet some new people along the way.

These are just a few ways to expand your network. For more info, check out the article. Also, our career counselors in the office can help you make a personalized networking plan for your job search. Feel free to contact us at 303-458-3508 or at

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Know Your Strengths!

what are you best at?

Without knowing your strengths and how a potential employer can benefit from them, your job search will be arduous. Think of your strengths as your skills and experiences that you promote to employers. They should fit with what the employer is seeking in their job description. For an example, if you are looking at marketing jobs the strengths that you likely should be focusing on in your resume, cover letter and job interview are most likely creativity, communication, computer skills like web design and Photoshop and social media experience. Always pay very close attention to the job description to make sure that you know what skills and experiences the employer is seeking.

Your Strengths = Your Skills and Experiences

Employer’s Job Description = Skills and Experiences Sought

Therefore, Your Strengths = Employer’s Job Description

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Maneuvering Through the Applicant Tracking System

applicant tracking

How to Maneuver the Applicant Tracking System

There is a certain mystery associated with the job search and especially with the aspect of sending your resume to complete strangers; hoping for success, but worrying about failure.  It’s not only a difficult task to put yourself out there, but knowing that your resume needs to pass the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can bring about additional concern.  The process of ensuring success in regards to this system takes careful consideration and preparation.

  1. Make sure that your resume includes all of the necessary contact information
  2. Write out all Acronyms
  3. Use standard header names such as Education, Professional Experience and Professional Summary
  4. Check your resume for spelling and grammar mistakes – avoid using fancy graphics and fonts
  5. Include keywords and phrases from the job description several times throughout the resume

Creating a resume is not an easy task.  Thankfully, with the assistance of Regis University Career Services, you can have both your resume and cover letter reviewed to make certain they look professional and polished.  If you would like to schedule an appointment with a Regis University Career Counselor, visit our website at and click on “Schedule an Appointment”, or call us at 303-458-3508.


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Using LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn Groups

Use Groups on LinkedIn to Grow your Professional Network

 LinkedIn is becoming the most powerful professional networking tool, that is if it hasn’t already become so. To get the most out of this social networking resource, make sure you are using LinkedIn Groups. Join alumni Groups like Regis University Alumni Association, professional networking groups like 5280 Linked or your professional organization’s group.

Once you are a member of these groups, be active! Start and reply to discussions and make new connections that can lead to new prospects.

For more information pertaining to LinkedIn Groups check out the following link:

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